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CRA to introduce new automatic tax filing system as many Canadians miss out on benefits


On March 28, 2023, the federal government introduced a new pilot programme as part of their initiative to “Making Life More Affordable” for Canadians.


In 2024, The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) plans to begin implementing a new automated tax filing system.

The budget for 2023 also included a commitment that the federal government to improve  the number of Canadians already eligible for the “File My Return” programme, to two million by 2025. The new automatic tax filing method can help the federal government in improving connections with those who are underserved.

How the new Automatic Tax Filing system work:

  • The taxpayers should be registered for My Account and should use NETFILE-certified software.
  • The NETFILE-certified software will request you to enter your My Account user ID and password when it is ready to use Auto-fill my return.
  • The taxpayers must follow the instructions listed in the software.

  • The taxpayers must make sure that all the appropriate fields on the tax return are filled out and that the information provided is accurate 

To use Auto-fill my return on behalf of a family member or a friend:

  • Be authorized to use Auto-fill my return on their behalf. They will require a RepID, which the individuals can get by using the Represent a Client Service. The CRA can identify those individuals through the RepID.
  • Individuals can offer their RepID to family members or friends to authorize them as their representatives using their My Account.
  • Once the person has been given permission, they can access the taxpayer’s information and file their tax return using Auto-fill return.

Negative Impact of New Automatic Tax Filing System of CRA

Taxpayers are still liable for information submitted to the CRA and any errors in the automatic returns could result in Individuals having to go through the tedious appeals process to fix their returns and reverse amounts owed.

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