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One Accounting

We offer our services across Canada, with our main headquarters strategically located in Toronto.


Our Services

The bookkeeping service will streamline your financial processes, reduce errors, and provide valuable insights.
corporate tax
Our tax services include tax planning and filing, by minimizing your company's tax liability while maximizing deductions.
We cover calculating employee salaries, deductions, handling taxes, benefits, and other payroll-related compliance requirements.
advisory service


We offer expert guidance and strategic solutions to help businesses achieve their objectives and overcome challenges.

Why Choose US?

Professional Accountants

Are you looking for professional tax accountants? We understand that choosing the right firm to handle your financial operations will enable you to make the right business decisions. 


All-in-one Destination for Financial Excellence for Accounting, Tax & Bookkeeping

One Accounting is a leading accounting firm with a team of skilled CPAs and financial experts. Whether you are a start-up entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a large corporation, we have the expertise and experience to address your accounting needs. Let us handle the numbers, so you can focus on your core business. Book a Virtual appointment with our expert CPAs!

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Why Us

Welcome to One Accounting,
The One-stop Shop for Accounting

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Our Priority: Clients

Our main priority will always be our customers, and we strive hard to deliver excellent tax accounting services, respect your priorities, and lead you in the direction of the factors that drive them.

One Accounting - Technology


To provide the finest solution possible and employ the most significant accounting tools available. Automation and the appropriate technologies save costs and time. We put these technologies to the test and implemented them in your business.

One Accounting - Highest Standards

Response Times

We understand that your time is valuable, so we won’t keep you waiting. One Accounting offers a guaranteed response time of 3 hours for emails,

also always ensures you are kept in the loop about the progress of any work being done for you.

One Accounting - Why Chhose Us

We Focus On Simplicity

As a business professional, you have the right to find the best solution to overcome the challenging problems you experience every day. With its simplicity, One Accounting offers an effective solution to every complicated business issue.


What Our Clients Say

Trusted Professional Tax & Accounting Services

At One Accounting, we offer expert accounting and financial solutions to small businesses and corporations. Our team of experienced CPAs is dedicated to maximizing returns and minimizing tax burdens. We ensure accurate bookkeeping, timely tax preparation, and strategic financial planning to help you achieve your financial goals. Let us be your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of accounting and taxes. 

Everything you would expect your accounting company to do for you with better results and cutting-edge technology. We at One Accounting offer everything online and incorporate cloud technology for enhanced functionality for your business in Ontario or Michigan.

We assist business owners with all of their accounting, bookkeeping, advisory, tax, and payroll needs. Every client has a dedicated Accountant as well as access to a larger team of experts such as Tax Specialists, Systems Specialists, and so on.

We provide Accounting services to clients located in Oakville, Mississauga, Hamilton, Waterdown, and the rest of Ontario. We also provide Bookkeeping services to clients in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the surrounding areas.

Due to the nature of our remote work, we mostly interact with our clients virtually.

One Accounting provides Professional Tax Accounting Services in Toronto and offers the highest standard of services and systems to every client. We have the knowledge and expertise to handle challenging tax and business concerns. We assist you in determining the systems you require, their implementation, and their ongoing operations.

Additionally, you will be collaborating with outstanding professionals that are enthusiastic about running a successful business.

One Accounting collaborates with a range of companies and institutions. Our clientele range from startups with rapid growth to long-standing family-owned companies.

One Accounting guarantees fast response times (3 hours or better on emails). You will also have your Accountant’s cell phone number and direct office phone number to contact them for urgent issues. You will also have the cell phone number of the Partner in charge of your account.

Our fee structure is designed to be fair, competitive, and aligned with the value we bring to your business. Our fee varies from client to client according to your accounting need and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your accounting needs in detail and provide you with a comprehensive quote that suits your budget and requirements.


Competitive Advantage

One Accounting support

Reliable - 24/7 Support

To answer your questions, you have access to a whole team of accountants in Canada. Including Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA), Tax Specialists, Information Technology experts, and Payroll Specialists.

One Accounting Fixed Price

Fixed Pricing (Monthly or Quarterly)

We agree to a fixed price upfront, which is only adjusted if your business changes significantly. There are no hidden fees, cancellation fees, or long-term obligations. You can cancel at any time with 30 days’ notice. 

One Accounting Cloud Friendly

Cloud Compliant

One Accounting employs the best cloud-based tools to interact with you digitally and provide you with up-to-date financial information in real-time.


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