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Tax Prep Checklist 2024:
Documents to Gather Before Filing


Personal tax refers to the taxes that individuals are required to pay on their income to federal, provincial, and territorial governments.

The Canadian tax system is progressive, meaning that individuals with higher incomes generally pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes.

The documents you require for tax preparation depend on your situation. We’ve created a checklist to assist you know what forms to bring for your tax filing your own taxes.

Personal Tax Information Checklist

   Tax Slips (select all applicable)
  1 T4 Employment Income
  2 T5 Investment Income
  3 T3 Trust income and Designations
  4 T2202/A Tuition and Education Amounts
  5 T4A pension, retirement, annuity, old age security, or other income
  6 T4A(P) Canadian pension Plan Benefits
  7 T4A (OAS) Old Age Security
  8 T4E Employment Insurance Benefits
  9 T4PS Employee Profit Sharing
 10 T4RSP Income from a registered retirement savings plan
  11 RRIF Income from a registered retirement income fund
  12 T5007 WSIB or Social Assistance Benefits
  13 T5008 Securities Transactions
  14 T5013 Partnership Income
  15 T10 Pension Adjustment Reversal
  16 T101, T102, T5103 Exploration & Development Expenses
  17 Foreign Slip – Income from Outside of Canada
  18 RC62 Statement of Universal Child Care
  19 RC210 Working Income Tax Benefit Advance
  20 Tips, gratuities, occasional earnings or other employment income
  Official receipts for…
  1 Adoption expenses
  2 All child care expenses or attendant care expenses for a disabled person (if you are the primary caregiver)
  3 Automobile / Travel logbook and expenses
  4 Business investment consultation fees
  5 Business, farm or fishing income/expenses
  6 Charitable donations (US donations are not deductible in Canada)
  7 Disability Tax Credit Certificate
  8 Employment expenses
  9 Exams for professional certification
       10 Home renovation tax credit receipts
  11 Home renovations (seniors and disabled)
  12 Information on any business investment losses
  13 Interest paid on loans for investments
  14 Medical expenses
  15 Moving expenses if you moved 40+km. to a new job or work location
  16 Paid alimony/child support
  17 Political contributions
  18Property tax paid
  19Public transit passes
  20Rental income and expense receipts
  21RRSP contribution receipts
 22Schedule of purchase & sale of securities, commissions paid
 23Search and Rescue volunteer’s certification
 24Student loan interest paid or not claimed in a previous year
 25T2200 Statement of Allowable Expenses signed by your employer
 26Teacher’s school supplies
 27Tool expenses
(Tradespersons & apprentice mechanics)
 28Tuition fees
 29Union & professional dues
 30Volunteer Firefighters certification

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