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One Accounting

Accountant For Doctors
and Medical Clinics

Accountants & Tax Specialists for Doctors, Medical Clinics in Toronto

Choosing One Accounting as your accounting partner is a great choice as our accountants and tax specialists have a deep understanding of both the medical industry and financial management principles. Doctors need to work with knowledgeable and experienced accounting professionals like One Accounting who can help you to navigate the complexities of financial management and compliance.

Accounting Services for Doctors

Accounting, Taxation &
Bookkeeping Services for Doctors

The accountants have a thorough understanding of the Canadian healthcare system and tax laws

We help you to register for and collect the GST/HST on your services

Our specialists provide an overview of the law firm’s financial health by preparing financial statements

We help you to manage the employee payroll and related tax services of your medical clinic in Toronto, Canada

Are you looking for Accounting Services for Doctors and Medical Clinics?

  • One Accounting professional accountants maintain your financial records, including income, expenses, receipts, and invoices to track cash flow, analyze business performance, and prepare tax returns.
  • Doctors/ Medical Clinics are subject to a complex set of tax rules and regulations such as self-employment taxes, business deductions, and healthcare-specific deductions etc. Working with One Accounting, the top experienced tax professional can help doctors maximize their tax savings and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Our expert accountants create a financial plan for doctors for their personal and professional goals which includes saving for retirement, investing in equipment or facilities, or expanding their practice.
  • We will check you as doctors comply with a variety of financial regulations and reporting requirements like HIPAA, OSHA, and CMS. Failure to comply can result in fines, penalties, and legal liability.