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One Accounting

Accountants & Tax Specialists
for Law Firms in Toronto

Accounting and Tax Services for Lawyers in Toronto, Canada

One Accounting is a team of talented accounting and tax specialists who specialize in serving law firms and have a good understanding of their unique financial needs. We provide expert services on bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation, and financial planning. With a high level of expertise and experience in accounting, our accounting and tax specialists handle the complexities of legal accounting services in Toronto.


Accounting, Taxation &
Bookkeeping Services for Lawyers

The cost of the accounting and tax services fit within the law firm’s budget

We develop a tax strategy to minimize tax liabilities while remaining compliant with tax regulations

Our specialists provide an overview of the law firm’s financial health by preparing financial statements

We manage employee payroll and related tax services of your Law Firm in Toronto, Canada

The Best Accountants and Tax Specialists for Law Firms in Toronto

  • One Accounting tax specialist has experience working with various law firms in Toronto and that understands the unique tax needs of lawyers.
  • We record and analyze financial transactions, such as client payments, expenses, payroll, reconciling bank and credit card accounts, trust accounts, financial statements, etc
  • Our tax service involves preparing and filing tax returns such as income tax returns, sales tax returns, and payroll tax returns.
  • Our tax specialists monitor the changes in tax regulations and provide expert advice.
  • We also provide consulting services for lawyers in Toronto including analyzing financial statements, identifying areas for cost savings, and providing guidance on business decisions.


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