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how to pay CRA

How to Pay CRA: A Comprehensive Guide

Stuck on how to make a payment to the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA)?

Check out this comprehensive guide for an in-depth understanding of the different payment options available.

The Canada Revenue Agency offers various ways to pay them. Unfortunately, a lot of them are not
straightforward. Based on our experience, the below is the easiest way to pay the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency).


1. Log in to your Business bank account’s online banking

2. Navigate to Pay Bills (or similar) and click on Pay Business Taxes (or similar)

online banking

3. This will take you to the Business Tax payment Service where you can start the process to Pay the CRA

4. On the below screen, you can choose your tax type to pay.

tax type

5. Click on Add Payment Type to find the tax type to pay. Here are some common ones that you might need:

  • Corporation Income Tax (final payment after filing the tax return)

      Federal – Corporation Income Tax Balance Due – TXBAL

  • Corporation Income Tax (Interim payments during the year)

     Federal – Corporation Tax Payments – TXINS

  • HST (final payment after filing the tax return)

     Federal – GST/HST Balance Due – GST-B

  • HST (Interim payments during the year)

     Federal – GST/HST Payment Only – GST-P — (GST-P)

  • Payroll Source Deductions

     Federal Payroll Deductions – Arrears – EMPTX – (PD7D)

  • Ontario Employer Health Tax (EHT)

     Ontario Employer Health Tax – ONEHT – (1334)

6. On the next page ensure you enter the correct Tax Period that you are paying for. This is essential so that the Canada Revenue Agency allocates the payment to the correct tax period.

7. When you pay the CRA ensure that you enter the correct Tax Number for the Tax Type. See below for the tax number format for common tax types:

  • Corporation tax: 123456789 RC0001
  • HST: 123456789 RT0001
  • Payroll: 123456789 RP0001
  • EHT: 123456789 TE0001
  • Import/Export: 123456789 RM0001

8. Follow the steps on the next pages to complete the process to pay the CRA.

NB – Payments usually need to be done on the previous business day for the payment to clear on time.
E.g. if the deadline to Pay the CRA is March 31st, you need to complete the above steps on March 30th.

If you are looking for other options to Pay the CRA, visit this website to see the full list.