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Ontario’s minimum wage to increase to $16.55 an hour on October 1, 2023


On October 1st, Ontario’s minimum wage will increase to $16.55 per hour.


It represents a gain of 6.8% over the current hourly rate of $15.50, which was influenced by inflation.

The Ontario government announced on March 31st, The minimum wage for Ontario will raise from $15.50 per hour to $16.55 per hour on October 1, 2023

Someone making minimum wage and working 40 hours per week would see a pay hike of around $2,200 annually.


Labour Minister Monte McNaughton says the hike will significantly lower people’s cost of living. Ontario’s new minimum wage is the highest of any State’s. The government’s attempts to make Ontario the best place to live, work, and raise a family are enhanced by this rise in the minimum wage.

Other Wage Increases :

  • Students under the age of 18 now get $15.60 per hour instead of the previous $14.60
  • When working fewer than 5 hours continuous in day, the pay for hunting, fishing, and wilderness guides is rising from $77.60 to $82.85
  • When working 5 or more hours straight, it is rising from $155.25 to $165.75.
  • Homeworkers make between $17.05 and $18.20 per hour.

Ontario is also developing portable benefits plan that would give employees access to dental and medical coverage that is independent of their location of employment.


The purpose of that program is to provide benefits to gig economy, retail, and hospitality employees while also accommodating those who may change careers throughout their lifetimes.